Purchase & Payment Policy

1. Payment method
Payment method available are fixed with below
2. Gift voucher / promo code
    • Enter promo code at Checkout
    • Click “Apply Code”
    If the promo code is not working, please check the below,
    • One discount / one promo code is only entitled to one order. 
    • Discount / promo code is not applicable for delivery charges.
    • You may further contact us at askme@theherbcoction.com for future assistance.
    3. Online security policy
    • Our customers' security is really important to us and we're committed to ensuring we keep our customers safe. In order to do this, we perform security checks on some orders.
    • If we're unable to validate your order, we may get in touch to ask for a little more information from you.
    • Part of our security checks may leave a soft footprint. We don't undertake any credit checks when confirming your order and rest assured these security checks won't affect your credit rating.
    • In the unlikely event of unauthorised use of your card or payment method, you must report the transaction to your payment provider. We also recommend that you contact us – just get in touch with our Customer Care Team.