How Does Heatiness Affect Us?

How Does Heatiness Affect Us?

 “Heatiness” is a typical Chinese medical term which is mainly due to the imbalance of “Yin” and “Yang” of our body, that resulted in excessive heat within our body. Heatiness can be categorized into “Sthenic Heat” and “Asthenic Heat”. Both type can be conditioned with the same method or approach.

Asthenic Heat mainly due to straining of the body. For example, straining of energy due to long-term illness or overwork, which leads to imbalance of internal organs.

Stenic Heat mainly due to external heat. For example, consuming of fried or spicy food, long term habitual alcohol intake, mentally or pscychological unstable.

Heatiness mainly affect our main five organs: Heart, Liver, Lungs, Stomach and Kidneys.

Different type of heatiness will have different responses, which allows us to be able to determine or know better on which body organ is currently affected due to heatiness, thus better in providing the right treatment or remedy.

Body Organs
Treatment / Remedy
Agitated, anger and other intense responses

Sthenic HeatUpset, easily irritable, insomnia, dry mouth, low fever, night sweats and etc

Asthenic Heat:Oral ulceration, short and reddish urine, irritability, reddish on tip of the tongue and etc
May consume cold-natured or bitter food, such as bitter guard, lily (chinese herb), sourish jujube and etc that helps to reduce heart heatiness, and to nourish heart.
Emotional, addicted to fatty and oily food

Sthenic HeatDry, red or swollen eyes, impatient, bad breathe, swollen gums, pimples all over the face and etc

Asthenic Heat:Pyrexia extremities, easily upset, dry mouth, feeling thirsty, late night sweats and etc
May consume chrysanthemum, which helps to nourish liver and to control blood pressure. Try to reduce consuming of sourish food.
Exogenous feeling, or emotional distress

Sthenic HeatPyrexia that accompanied with cold, feeling thirsty, cough with yellow phlegm, chest pain, swelling and sore throat, dry stool and etc

Asthenic Heat:Dry cough with less phlegm, hoarse voice, difficulty in coughing out phlegm or blood in phlegm
May consume more moisturizing food, such as pear, snow fungus, white radish, celery, spinach, banana, apple and etc that are cooling in nature. Reduce consumption of food with high calories such as fatty meat cuts, chocolate, sweets and etc.
Unbalanced diet, long term consuming fatty, spicy food or excessive drinking

Sthenic HeatDiscomfort on upper abdominal accompanied with hyperphagia, dry and bitterness inner mouth, dry stool, toothache, bleeding gums, nose bleed etc

Asthenic Heat:Thirsty, reduced in diet, mild bloating and etc
May consume vegetables, fruits, soupy food that helps in digestion and improve spleen and stomach.
Mainly due to excessive heatiness on kidney. Majority under asthenic heat.
Asthenic Heat
Dizziness, tinnitus (drumming in the ears), loose teeth or toothache, insomnia and vexed, night sweat, hair loss, spermatorrhea, sometimes might experience painful during urination, back pain or painful heels.
May consume those that helps to relieve kidney heatiness such as pork kidney, goji berries etc.

There are various reasons, including your daily lifestyle that may resulted in body heatiness. Hereby are some of the tips to better manage and avoid being heaty. 

  • Consume more vegetables and fruits
  • Drink more water
  • Reduce intake of fried or spicy food
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol intake 
Besides, psychologically is important to our body too. By maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, is in fact the best “heat extinguishing agent” :)